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NEO Optimizer

The optimal deployment planning fully automatic and in a few minutes
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NEO Optimizer - Optimal deployment planning fully automated and in just a few minutes

The Optimizer is an optional add-on to NEO Schedule. It enables the fully automatic or user-controlled scheduling of a set of requirements to a set of resources. The advantages of this function are the automated creation of a daily or weekly schedule and the resulting reduction in manual planning effort. Another advantage is the assurance of optimized planning according to adjustable criteria. A target function controls the weighting of different criteria in the solution finding process. One main aspect is the optimization of travel times and costs. Furthermore, the optimizer ensures compliance with restrictions in planning by taking into account attendances and absences, required and available qualifications, and prescribed break time windows.

Advantages of NEO Optimizer at a glance

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Reduction of the planning effort by more than 90%.

Fully or semi-automatic planning reduces the planning effort for dispatchers by more than 90 percent. This gives dispatchers more time to focus on other activities, such as advising customers.

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Reduction of travel times

The NEO Optimizer reduces technician travel times. Shorter or faster routes mean technicians spend less time on the road and more time with their customers.

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Reduction of CO2 and travel costs

Automatic scheduling optimizes routes and ensures lower CO2 emissions through shorter and fewer trips. In addition, this also reduces travel costs.

Screenshots of the NEO Optimizer

Auswertungsdialog, der die Optimierungsergebnisse mit Kennzahlen anzeigt
Auswertungsdialog, der die Optimierungsergebnisse mit Kennzahlen anzeigt
NEO Optimizer Screenshot Kartenübersicht mit Routen
Kartenüberblick im NEO Optimizer

Main features of the automated shift planning

Icon vollautomatische Planung
Fully automatic planning
Automatic and optimized scheduling of large quantities of requirements.
Icon umfangreiche Kennzahlen
Extensive preparation in key figures
For evaluation of results and decision making.
Icon verschiedene Faktoren
Consideration of various factors
Qualification requirements, availabilities, priorities, due dates and travel times.
Icon manuelle Planung
Integration of manual planning:
Manually planned fixed dates are taken into account.
Icon Bedarfe und Ressourcen
Free choice of needs and resources
For flexible use for individual resources as well as for complete service teams.

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Technical specifications

NEO Optimizer is provided as an additional app in NEO Schedule. The optimization algorithm runs as a software-as-a-service solution and therefore has no special hardware or SAP system version requirements. This has the advantage that no additional, costly infrastructure needs to be built and Axians’ existing, powerful service systems can be used.

Technically, the data exchange between NEO Schedule and the optimizer takes place via modern and secure web service technology. Since NEO Optimizer is stateless, no customer data is permanently stored outside the customer’s SAP system. Compared to many cloud solutions, this is a major advantage in terms of data protection and security.

In addition to the actual optimization service, all other required microservices are also offered on the platform: Geocoding for determining coordinates to addresses, routing for calculating travel times and distances between route points, distance matrix calculation for quickly determining all possible routes between technician locations and deployment addresses, and mapping for visualizing locations, routes, and POIs. Depending on the initial situation, this saves customers further costs for the alternative, cloud-based GEO services such as e.g. Google Maps.

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