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Extension, customization and personalization

How to use NEO Suite 100% for your requirements and processes

Standard software versus individual development

There is a whole range of providers and solutions on the market today for the digitization of maintenance and customer service processes. Customers can expect to map the necessary functions using standard software and thus save themselves time-consuming implementation projects.

However, providers of cloud solutions in particular, which are generally more standardized and less customizable than on-premise solutions, face the challenge of mapping the functional scope of as many customers as possible in a uniform manner. This very far-reaching type of standardization has the following advantages in addition to those mentioned for the implementation of more complex requirements Disadvantages for customers:

  • Lack of adaptability: Standard software is usually developed for a broad user base and does not always meet the specific requirements of a company. It can be difficult to make customizations to meet specific business processes or requirements.
  • Superfluous functions: Standard software often contains functions that are not relevant for certain companies or industries. This can make user interfaces cluttered and confusing, which can lead to inefficient use of the software.
  • Limited scalability: Standard software is often designed for use in small to medium-sized companies. As a company grows or changes, standard software may no longer be sufficient to meet increased demands. In such cases, expensive and time-consuming customizations or switching to another software solution may have to be considered.

Restrictions on integration: Standard software often has to be integrated into an existing IT infrastructure. Compatibility problems can arise, especially if the standard software does not have open interfaces or does not work well with other systems. This can lead to increased development effort and additional costs.

Axians NEO Suite - A standard software with innovative extension and customization concept

With NEO Suite, we offer our customers the advantages of a standard software with a rich functional range and a turnkey SAP integration as well as an extensive extension concept to achieve the optimal user and process support for each individual customer.

The NEO Enhancement Framework allows developers to flexibly customize and extend the functionality of NEO Suite solutions without requiring extensive changes to the core system. It promotes modular development, facilitates the integration of extensions and enables long-term maintenance and updating of the software. This means that even extensively expanded solutions remain release upgradeable at all times and you benefit from product updates and upgrades.

The NEO Enhancement Framework provides the following customizations and enhancements:

User interfaces

Showing and hiding fields, screen areas or functions is possible by configuration and can also be based on user roles. Additional interface elements ranging from individual fields to completely new dialogs can be seamlessly integrated into the existing standard interfaces. Personalization allows users to easily define and save the fields displayed, filtering of data and sorting. This ensures that your users see the information they need and can do their jobs with as little effort as possible.

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Application logic

The subsequent correction of captured data is an effort driver, especially when introducing mobile solutions. By adapting and extending checks and automatisms, these can be avoided as far as possible. The NEO Enhancement Framework offers a wide range of possibilities, from simple field checks (e.g. for formats or required entries), to dependencies (e.g. the order can only be completed if working and travel times have been recorded), to the complete automation of work steps. This allows NEO Schedule to automatically schedule a follow-up call for the same technician when the technician reports back a “follow-up call required” status.

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Interfaces, integration and APIs

An SAP system is different for each customer: which field is used to control priorities, which date fields are relevant for planning, and how is the billability of orders controlled. So that customers do not have to adapt their SAP system, the NEO Enhancement Framework provides extensive customizing for controlling data exchange. Additional data fields can be easily added in the interface and each update function can be overwritten on a customer-specific basis. The integration of other systems such as geographic information systems, NON-SAP HR systems or even ticket solutions can also be achieved quickly and securely via the modern web service interfaces of NEO Suite.

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