Field Service Management and Maintenance Software for the Facility Management Industry

The efficient management, planning and execution of facility management and industrial services presents a variety of challenges. Taking orders for tenant inquiries ties up in-house resources or incurs costs for an external call center. The processing of orders also frequently involves Subcontractors and need to be coordinated accordingly.

Scheduling a wide variety of jobs, from green maintenance to handling smaller handyman services to extensive refurbishments, and coordinating external resources and scheduling appointments with tenants pose certain challenges for operations planners. A great cost and competitive pressure requires companies to be highly efficient in planning and execution.

Also the documentation requirements during on-site work as well as the reliable recording and confirmation of billable services often tie up valuable capacities and lead to sales losses in the event of inadequate recording.

With our field service management solution NEO Suite you digitize and optimize your processes in facility management from order management to deployment planning, mobile field service and documentation to evaluation via dashboards.

Digital Field Service Management in the Facility Management Industry

With the NEO Suite you offer a unique user experience to all stakeholders in the facility management industry:

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NEO Service Portal
The NEO Service Portal bundles customer requests, checks for redundant messages, is available around the clock for your customers, ensures a high quality of service requests and helps customers to help themselves through an integrated solution database.
Service Portal
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NEO Schedule
With NEO Schedule, your maintenance planners or dispatchers can schedule technicians or maintainers according to the required skills and availabilities. Subcontractors can also be easily integrated into the planning process.
Deployment planning
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NEO Mobile
Through NEO Mobile, maintenance or service technicians receive already validated data and can report back their performed activities, according to established validation processes, via the mobile app. By using the mobile solution and accessing real-time data on asset, maintenance schedules, spare parts inventories and other, asset and maintenance critical data, maintenance staff and field technicians can make faster decisions to proactively or reactively respond to specific asset conditions.
Mobile solutions

Also Subcontractors can also be integrated into the planning via the service portal and NEO Schedule, so that they can always keep track of complex measures and react quickly to unforeseen events.

With NEO Suite in Facility Management, you relieve your employees, save working time and external costs, and raise your customer experience to a whole new level!

Our industry experience in facility management

NEO Suite is used by numerous medium-sized and large companies from the facility management sector. Here you can find a selection of our references:

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100 sales locations worldwide, more than 800 service technicians deployed globally, and products sold many times over. This leads to a complex service structure. With the help of end-to-end customer service, Hörmann can nevertheless easily meet the requirements.

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Instead of Excel, DB Station&Service AG's area managers now use an SAP Fiori-based intelligent cycle planning tool (ZPT) tailored to their requirements for annual maintenance planning and intraday management.

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