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NEO Insight

Key figure-supported decision-making for customer service and maintenance

Simply make better decisions based on key figures.

NEO Insight is an analytics tool which provides key figures & dashboards from field service and maintenance processes and helps operations planners and maintenance/service managers to take informed decisions at all levels. With NEO Insight, you can analyze operational data in real time, whether you’re on the road or at your desk. The role-based and function-based dashboard provides customized metrics to help you identify operational challenges and find solutions. Whether you want to monitor machine conditions, optimize resources, or manage the maintenance process, NEO Insight helps you achieve your goals efficiently.

Advantages of NEO Insight at a glance

More transparency

NEO Insight provides service and maintenance managers with more transparency at a glance. Via key figures & dashboards, they immediately recognize which processes or assets need to be optimized.

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Better information capability

The real-time data in NEO Insight provides up-to-date information around the clock and is a perfect basis for decision-making for service and maintenance managers. This improves the ability to provide information to customers.

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Optimization of plannability

The key figures and historical data on plant conditions, resources and processes provide decision-makers with an important basis for medium- and long-term capacity planning.

Screenshots from NEO Insight

Main features of NEO Insight

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The user can arrange the dashboard according to personal priorities and preferences.
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Role-based representation of the dashboard e.g. technician, planner and management.
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The NEO Insight key figure pool can be expanded as desired with additional KPIs.
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Graphically customizable
Various chart options are available for visualizing the data.
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The drill-down option offers the possibility to get detailed insights.

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Technical specifications

NEO Insight is a user-friendly Fiori app that can be easily integrated with any FIORI Elements Launchpad. With its customizable personalization, it enables intuitive display and analysis of data according to individual requirements.

With data access based on OData services, NEO Insight is future-proof and provides an investment-proof solution for data access. This ensures long-term compatibility and enables seamless integration with other SAP applications and services.

Reusable ABAP CDS modeling provides real-time access to live data directly from your SAP back-end system. With this powerful feature, users can quickly access up-to-date data and gain meaningful insights without relying on prior data extractions or complex ETL processes.

NEO Insight accesses the ERP system database tables directly, eliminating the need to load data into a separate BI tool. This direct persistence enables streamlined data retrieval and analysis by making data available in real time and without latency, speeding decision-making and ensuring information is up-to-date.

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Customer service processes were previously mapped individually for each country. The German subsidiary works with Microsoft Dynamics CRM, while the Swiss subsidiary plans orders with Excel. As a result, the process to invoicing could take weeks.

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100 sales locations worldwide, more than 800 service technicians deployed globally, and products sold many times over. This leads to a complex service structure. With the help of end-to-end customer service, Hörmann can nevertheless easily meet the requirements.

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FairNetz GmbH was looking for a workforce management solution for employee scheduling. NEO Mobile offers easy handling and fast synchronization.

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Instead of Excel, DB Station&Service AG's area managers now use an SAP Fiori-based intelligent cycle planning tool (ZPT) tailored to their requirements for annual maintenance planning and intraday management.

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One of the key success factors of König + Neurath AG is its traditionally intensive customer relationships, which, however, were no longer supported in an up-to-date manner by the CRM system in use.

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At LÖWEN Entertainment, the introduction of a mobile workforce management system was on the agenda. The company was looking for a solution without system breaks.

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Nine years ago, Stadtwerke Bielefeld first got involved with "mobile maintenance". Today, 90 percent of all mobile processes are supported electronically.

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The requirement was for a continuous workflow in order processing. To achieve this, Viessmann has started to map all processes uniformly with NEO Mobile.

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Efficient digital documentation: One digital interface instead of 150 forms: With a mobile solution from ICT service provider Axians, fitters at Städtische Werke Magdeburg take care of their documentation paperlessly. The Field Service Management solution NEO Mobile brings even more benefits.

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