Workforce management and operations management systems for public utilities, network operators, energy suppliers and transport companies

Uninterrupted supply and stable networks are a major challenge for municipal utilities, network operators, energy suppliers and transport companies, and not only in uncertain times. The shortage of skilled workers and the aging workforce in the regulated environment make every installer a valuable employee. Customers expect trouble-free operation of the networks and plants.

Discover Axians NEO Suite – the leading workforce management solution with seamless SAP integration for utilities and network operators. Through the efficient and intelligent digital support for the daily scheduling and mobile order processing you can safely manage your daily tasks such – as the maintenance of networks – even with reduced resources.

In the dynamic energy and utilities industry, it is critical to maximize the efficiency of your workforce while ensuring seamless integration with SAP. With Axians NEO Suite, we offer an innovative solution that is specifically tailored to the requirements of municipal utilities and network operators.

Digital maintenance and network expansion in the area

Municipal utilities and network operators are faced with the challenge of meeting legal requirements and regulations and ensuring trouble-free operation of critical infrastructure systems. Different types of plants and network areas require efficient planning and control of the various divisions. Anticipatory and timely maintenance and inspections combined with early identification of maintenance needs reduce the risk of malfunctions and supply interruptions.
In addition, legislation requires intensive network expansion, which must be planned for the long term and implemented efficiently so that the daily challenges can be met by the same team of fitters.

The Axians NEO Suite enables you to optimize your workforce management and increase the productivity of your mobile workforce. With Axians NEO Mobile, your fitters have access to relevant information, orders and documentation at all times to do their work more efficiently and effectively:

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NEO Service Portal
The NEO Service Portal bundles customer inquiries, checks for redundant messages, is available around the clock for your customers, ensures a high quality of messages and helps customers to help themselves through an integrated solution database.
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NEO Schedule
NEO Schedule is the tool for the foreman and planner to never miss a maintenance appointment again, to order malfunctions from the fitter in the shortest possible time and to always have an overview of the capacities and the scheduled requirements.
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NEO Mobile
With NEO Mobile, you provide your fitters with a mobile, digital assistant that makes all helpful functions available on site and independent of an online connection. This allows your technicians to identify the plant directly on site via a GIS system, view the plant history, reserve required material directly on site or record the time required and material used in the feedback.

Seamless integration with the SAP system is a key advantage of Axians NEO Suite. Thanks to this integration, you can connect your mobile workforce management processes directly to your SAP back-end environment. This synchronizes data in real time, avoids duplicate data entry, and ensures high data quality. You get a holistic overview of the deployment of your employees and can optimize the planning, assignment and execution of orders.

Axians NEO Suite also offers industry-specific functions that are specifically tailored to the needs of municipal utilities and network operators. With integrated geospatial data, GIS integration, and real-time communications, your field technicians can make quick decisions and respond effectively to incidents. You can track work hours, optimize resources, and improve service quality.

Our industry experience in the field of public utilities and network operators

Axians NEO Suite is already in use at numerous municipal utilities, network operators, energy suppliers and transport companies. Here you can find a selection of our references:

FairNetz Logo

FairNetz GmbH was looking for a workforce management solution for employee scheduling. NEO Mobile offers easy handling and fast synchronization.

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Instead of Excel, DB Station&Service AG's area managers now use an SAP Fiori-based intelligent cycle planning tool (ZPT) tailored to their requirements for annual maintenance planning and intraday management.

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Nine years ago, Stadtwerke Bielefeld first got involved with "mobile maintenance". Today, 90 percent of all mobile processes are supported electronically.

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Logo von Staedtische Werke Magdeburg

Efficient digital documentation: One digital interface instead of 150 forms: With a mobile solution from ICT service provider Axians, fitters at Städtische Werke Magdeburg take care of their documentation paperlessly. The Field Service Management solution NEO Mobile brings even more benefits.

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