Mechanical and plant engineering

Field service management and maintenance software for the mechanical and plant engineering industry

The mechanical and plant engineering industry is in a state of flux. Customers expect ever better service and more digital inclusion. Customer service is also becoming increasingly important within the company itself, as it is becoming more and more important as a competitive differentiator and can also be a reliable source of continuous revenue and stable margins.

To do this, you should optimally position your customer service, because this is the only way to achieve high customer satisfaction and attractive returns at the same time. With NEO Suite, you get a whole set of preconfigured processes for modern service handling. The flexible expansion concept allows you to shape your individual service process and thus gain an edge over the competition.

Digital field service management and maintenance software in mechanical and plant engineering

The mechanical and plant engineering sector encompasses a wide range of companies, ranging from very small devices for the end customer market to complex plants for the manufacturing industry. The challenges for digital processes in production maintenance and technical customer service are as heterogeneous as the products manufactured and their markets.

In the B2C environment, the challenges lie in handling service processes as efficiently as possible in order to reduce the effort per service request, as large volumes of customer requests are often received here each month. Customer requirements are also special in the B2C market. End customers are often one-time service customers. Products and services often change more quickly here. This is why competitive pressure is particularly high among existing customers. NEO Suite is designed to improve both the efficiency of your service operations and the satisfaction of your customers:

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NEO Service Portal
The NEO Service Portal bundles customer requests, checks for redundant messages, is available around the clock for your customers, ensures a high quality of service requests and helps customers to help themselves through an integrated solution database.
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NEO Schedule + NEO Optimizers
NEO Schedule calculates the optimal schedule for your on-site operations using the NEO Optimizer, reducing travel times and increasing the number of jobs per technician. Thanks to the automatic travel time determination, these are always on time at the customer. The online appointment booking functionality makes it quite easy to make appointments.
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NEO Mobile
With NEO Mobile, you provide your technicians with a mobile assistant that makes all helpful functions available on-site and independent of an online connection. This allows your technicians to reserve or order required materials directly on site, create quotes for additional services, arrange follow-up appointments directly with the customer, and even sell service and maintenance contracts.

Our industry experience in mechanical and plant engineering

Axians NEO Suite is used by numerous medium-sized and large companies from the mechanical and plant engineering sector for the maintenance of their own plants and machines as well as for customer service. Here you can find a selection of our references:

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100 sales locations worldwide, more than 800 service technicians deployed globally, and products sold many times over. This leads to a complex service structure. With the help of end-to-end customer service, Hörmann can nevertheless easily meet the requirements.

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One of the key success factors of König + Neurath AG is its traditionally intensive customer relationships, which, however, were no longer supported in an up-to-date manner by the CRM system in use.

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At LÖWEN Entertainment, the introduction of a mobile workforce management system was on the agenda. The company was looking for a solution without system breaks.

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The requirement was for a continuous workflow in order processing. To achieve this, Viessmann has started to map all processes uniformly with NEO Mobile.

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