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Field service management and maintenance software for the medical and healthcare industry

In the medical and healthcare industry, there are a variety of rules and regulations that can vary by country and region. Compliance requirements, hygiene regulations and the prudent handling of sensitive customer data must always be taken into account when using field service management and maintenance software for the medical and healthcare industry.

In the medical industry, the management of medical equipment, spare parts and consumables is of great importance. The software should allow tracking of equipment, including information such as location, maintenance history, and calibration data. It should also facilitate the management of spare parts and materials, including inventory tracking, purchase order management, and expiration date monitoring.

Consideration of medical technician certifications plays a major role in mission planning. These often have to prove a certain qualification for special equipment, which is valid for a defined period of time.

The offline capability of a software is essential in the medical and healthcare industry so that it can be used in sensitive areas.

Manufacturing equipment must be maintained and repaired in accordance with high quality standards. The requirements for documentation and the correct execution of work according to defined specifications are higher in hardly any other industry.


Digital field service management and maintenance software in the medical and healthcare industry

The NEO Suite comprises a broad solution package that is particularly suitable for the planning, execution and evaluation of all service and maintenance work that arises in the medical and healthcare industry.

NEO Schedule
dispatchers schedule technicians according to the qualifications required for each job and medical equipment. The required certifications and their expiration dates are stored in the HR system. The planning can be done manually by a dispatcher, but also partially or fully automated, AI-supported. This takes into account, for example, requirements for travel times and routes, resource and spare parts availability, or qualifications. The solution’s extension concept allows the planning process to be adapted to the individual needs of companies in the medical and healthcare industry.

NEO Mobile
field service and maintenance staff receive their assigned assignments on their mobile device. There they can check activity, record working hours and flat rates, document material consumption, and document the performance of work based on checklists. Assistance options simplify the work with the app here, so that the employee can fully concentrate on the execution of the activity. The offline capability means that the solution can also be used in sensitive areas in hospitals, doctors’ surgeries and in nursing care.

The other solutions of the NEO Suite, such as the NEO Service Portal or NEO Insight, support the processes with optimized customer communication and evaluation dashboards.

Our industry experience in the medical and healthcare industry

NEO Suite is used by numerous medium-sized and large companies in the medical and healthcare industry for the maintenance of their own systems and machines as well as in customer service. Here you can find a selection of our references:

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Customer service processes were previously mapped individually for each country. The German subsidiary works with Microsoft Dynamics CRM, while the Swiss subsidiary plans orders with Excel. As a result, the process to invoicing could take weeks.

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