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Deep and diverse integration of NEO Suite into standard SAP business processes

Standard SAP - but customized!

There is a whole range of providers and solutions on the market today for the digitization of maintenance and customer service processes. Customers expect to be able to map the necessary functions using standard software, thus saving themselves time-consuming implementation projects.

Cloud standard software in particular tries to map the functional scope of as many customers as possible in a uniform manner, but this leads to limitations in integration. Lack of turnkey integrations and open interfaces can lead to increased development effort and additional costs.

Axians NEO Suite - a standard software with turnkey integrations and open interfaces

Axians NEO Suite combines the advantages of standard software with turnkey, flexible SAP integrations and open interfaces for third-party system integration. The integrations are equally available in the various deployment scenarios (on-premise in the central ERP or S/4HANA system, on-premise in the satellite system, in the public or private cloud).

Turnkey integrations

We offer turnkey integrations for requirements into standard SAP processes Project Management, Maintenance and Service (SAP PM, SAP CS, SAP PS, S/4 Asset Management, S/4 Service) for both ERP and S/4HANA (incl. CS in the Compatibility Scope, the new S/4 Lean Service and S/4 Advanced Execution Service). The integration is always bidirectionalThis means that data is both transferred from the standard processes and written back to them. In doing so, we use the standard interfaces of the SAP processes.

The Fiori interface of NEO Schedule can be used to display live data from the source systems as well as to jump directly into the apps and transactions of the standard processes. Changes made there are immediately in NEO Suite.

The integrations can be used in parallel and also with multiple source systems in parallel. You can therefore schedule maintenance and CS orders from the same system in a NEO Schedule instance on an ERP system, for example, and simultaneously schedule Lean Service orders from another S/4HANA system.

Employee data can be integrated from SAP HR. The hierarchical organizational structure can be integrated from SAP HR OrgManagement as well as from S/4 Service Teams.

The individual integrations can be implemented with little customizing out-of-the-box usable. Furthermore, flexible adaptations and extensions are possible in order to meet customer-specific characteristics of the SAP standard processes. The adjustments are made by means of the NEO Enhancement Frameworks. This means that even extensive extensions to the integration remain release upgradeable at all times, and you benefit from product updates and upgrades in the area of integrations as well.

We continuously adapt the turnkey integrations to the further development of SAP an. However, there is no obligation to switch to new S/4HANA releases in order to benefit from a newer version of NEO Suite.

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Customized integrations

Integrations in third-party systems can be implemented on a customer-specific basis via the open interfaces of Axians NEO Suite. Third-party systems can be SAP or other systems, even in other deployment scenarios than the deployment of NEO Suite components (e.g. NEO Schedule on-premise and third-party system running in a non-SAP cloud). Even with such integrations you are always release upgrade-capable and benefit from product updates and upgrades. We design these integrations unidirectionally or bidirectionally according to your wishes. We can also implement a direct integration of the display of live data from the third-party system for you. This gives you the complete range of functions of the turnkey integrations.

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