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Operation & Support

We put the customer benefit in the foreground.

We support you through our decentralized setup, regionally, locally, in your language with competent contact persons!

For our 360° NEO Suite product family we offer you individual application management Services which are tailored exactly to your needs. In addition to the smooth operation of the solution, we ensure continuous optimization. Close cooperation is important to us. This is how we identify your needs and assist you with suggestions and recommendations.

Within the scope of application support we provide a ServiceDesk in which the creation of errors and requirements takes place centrally. Messages are also recorded via the support hotline or a dedicated support e-mail address. Based on the reported priorities, the Application Support Team ensure the qualified response times. The responsible escalation management monitors the support processes and ensures compliance with the qualified response times. The dedicated Service Manager is your first point of contact for all matters relating to your software solution.

We offer Service Level Agreements in different levels. With the different service levels, we can respond to individual customer needs in terms of availability and support intensity and keep the necessary capacities available for this purpose. The SLAs define and guarantee availability profiles and response times agreed with the customer – even outside business hours – in the event of disruptions or technical changes.

Our services in detail:

Application Support is responsible for identifying, analyzing, and resolving errors in the application software. This includes investigating reported issues, running tests, and finding solutions to get the application back up and running.

Application Support provides support for users of the application. This includes answering questions, explaining application features, helping with troubleshooting, and providing instructional materials or training.

Application Support is responsible for keeping the application software up to date. This includes monitoring updates and patches, installing new versions of the software, and ensuring compatibility with other systems or software components.

Application Support works to improve the performance of the application. This includes monitoring application performance, identifying bottlenecks or performance issues, and implementing measures to optimize application speed and efficiency.

Application Support is responsible for incident management. This includes incident acceptance, categorization, prioritization and escalation. Support is responsible for tracking, documenting, and resolving incidents to ensure they are handled within agreed-upon service level agreements (SLAs).

Application Support prepares regular reports on support activities performed, results achieved, open issues and improvements made. These reports are used for communication with management and other relevant stakeholders.

Application Support is continuously working to improve support processes, tools and methods. This includes collecting feedback from users, identifying bottlenecks or inefficient processes, and implementing measures to optimize support performance.

Infrastructure and Operations

We support you even before the start of the project in the conception and development of the required infrastructure – whether “on-premise” or to / from the cloud. In addition, we are happy to take on tasks across interface boundaries, from automation to certificates, and provide the foundation for development.

Development - From SAP to the Client and Back

We can prove our competences in development with a long list of successful projects and realization of countless changes. SAP backends, databases, clients of different technologies and development processes with everything GIT and Co we use every day.

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